Wholesale Orders

If your business needs 3 or more realistic sex toys for some purpose or continuous ordering for retail purposes, we are here to help. SexAVDoll wholesale service can help you and we can make a better deal with you when order quantity is 3 or more. Or perhaps you just want to buy a large number of sex dolls for yourself, that is also ok. Any order of 3 or more sex dolls qualifies for our wholesale discount.

How does the process work?
Send us a mail to our support@sexavdoll.com and let us know the details of your order including:

  • Name, and company info (or personal info)
  • The name of the sex doll you want
  • Any order requirements/customizations for each doll
  • And we’ll get back to you with a price quote and time estimate. Once you’ve reviewed and approved the quote we will send an invoice. The more you order the more we can give discounts.

Accepted payment methods
We accept payment by PayPal transfer.

How long will the processing of the dolls take?
We will send you an estimated date of completion along with the price quote.

Any other questions, please contact us by Email(support@sexavdoll.com) or Use the form below to send us a message:

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