153cm 5.02ft Skinny Sex Doll Cute Angel – Addison


“When I was a little girl everybody always called me cute, darling, sweetie, or even an angel. I guess I was cute or darling back then, but life has a way of changing things upon you. By the time I was 18, they were still calling me those things, especially the boys, yuck, boys!

My ‘barely boobs’ became big boobs, my short curly hair became long beautiful hair and my skinny little straight body grew a few bumps and curves and became ‘shapely’. Suddenly as if I were kicked out of heaven, I was no longer an angel, but rather, a fallen angel. I was the same person I had always been inside, but when you’re good-looking or attractive, everything you do is under a microscope and everyone wants to weigh in and give their opinion.”

“Yes, I was never into ‘boys’. They are sloppy, inexperienced, clumsy, and sometimes just smell funny, like sweat or bad breath! I had a ‘brush’ or two with men older than me and it changed everything. They were well-groomed, gentlemen, had some money so we could actually do things together, and they were definitely attracted to me. Even some of my friends were jealous too. I mean, I didn’t make them fat, ugly, or bad dressers, right?

Body Measurements:
Material: Medical Silicone
Skeleton: Steel
Skin Color: Tan
Upper Bust:29.92in(76CM)
Lower Bust:22.44in(57CM)
Bra Size:D Cup
Arm Length:(18.50in)(47cm)
Hand Length:(6.70in)(17cm)
Leg Length:(30.31in)(77cm)
Foot Length:(8.27in)(21cm)
Shoe Size:36
Eyes Color: Brown(Optional)
Hair Color:Brown(Optional)

3 Entries Of Penetration: Oral, Anal, Vaginal
Oral Depth:5.12in(13cm)
Vaginal Depth:8.27in(21cm)
Anal Depth:7.08in(18cm)
Weight: 73.85lbs(33.5 KG)
Packing Size:(59.06in*15.75in*11.42in)(150cm*40cm*29cm)

Package includes:
1 x Sex doll
1 x Wig
1 x Comb

1 x English manual
1 x Vaginal heating rod
1 x Vaginal cleaning instrument
1 x Sexy erotic underwear(Sent at random)

Weight30 kg
Eye Color

Black, Blue, Green


Built-in, Removable


Non-standing Feet, Standing Feet


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