148cm 4.85ft Romantic Doll With Wexy Lustful Look – Sabrina


It’s a beautiful fall day, and you decide you want to head out to your backyard to rake the leaves that have fallen. You walk outside, rake in hand, and you stop suddenly. Laying out in a pile of leaves, as if she was teasing you, you see your perfect sex doll lover, Sabrina. Her plump breasts are poking through in the cleavage of her sweater, and you are aroused instantly. You take her inside, deciding raking would have to wait. Right now, you have a very dirty business to attend to. You lay her on the bed, and she stares up at you with a sexy, lustful look. Her lips are just barely parted as if she was interrupted in the middle of telling you how bad she wants you. You flip her over to take her from behind, and her head is turned to look back at you. Sabrina is the sexiest being you’ve ever seen, and she is all yours.

Body measurements:

4 ft 10 in / 148 cm
66.1 lbs / 30 kg
Bra Size:
Feet Length:
8 in / 20 cm
2 ft 8 in / 82 cm
Legs Length:
2 ft 7 in / 80 cm
1 ft 3 in / 39 cm
Arms Length:
2 ft 2 in / 65 cm
2 ft 11 in / 88 cm
Shoulders Width:
11 in / 29 cm
Vagina Depth:
7 in / 17 cm
Anus Depth:
7 in / 17 cm
Oral Depth:
6 in / 15 cm
ES Doll

Package includes:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 * comb
1 set * sexy cloth
1 *Vaginal heating rod
1 *Vaginal cleaning tool

Weight30 kg
Eye Color

Black, Blue, Green


Built-in, Removable


Non-standing Feet, Standing Feet


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