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SexAVDoll is a global supplier of the TPE sex dolls. Our factory is founded in 2012. Currently, we have a total of 300 employees, include 20 professional sculptors, 10 designers, and 30 technicians. We specialize in developing, designing, producing and selling high quality TPE love dolls with top-rated customer service. Our factory is committed to research and development and production of national patent products – simulation soft elastomer dolls. We have more than 8 years exporting experience.

Our company has been committed to the design and production of a variety of sex toys. We offering our customers the most realistic sex doll available, and make their dream dolls come true. Our adult sex dolls mimic the appearance and the size of real humans, so the adult sex dolls can bring real feelings to users.

We take very seriously our charge to serve you and meet your needs. We want to make you happy, but more importantly, we want to provide a consistently great product that is as expected and that makes your nights more enjoyable. You have needs and you have desires. We are in the business of fulfilling those desires.

For research and development company we invest a lot of money every year in new products and new characteristics, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton.

If you don’t find the SexAVDoll that you are looking for or want to create your own dream doll, just let us know. We can customize and build your own dolls, for both men and women.

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Email: support@sexavdoll.com

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